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Anna Hergert   I first saw Anna Hergert's work in an exhibition at the Alberta Craft Council. The particular piece was a cityscape. I don't remember the title, but I remember the feeling of being in that city. I knew right away that I wanted to meet this innovative artist. When I approached Anna to ask if we could meet I was surprised to learn that she was familiar with my work.

Although she has lived in Canada for many years, Anna is originally from Germany. I
believe her aesthetic is influenced by her European origin. There is an indescribable quality to her work that seems different than what we might expect to seen in North American textile arts. Another factor in setting her work apart is that she does not come from a quilting tradition. In fact, she says has never made a quilt for a bed.

Anna is a dedicated and productive artist. She has exhibited widely and she is the recipient of several international awards. I hope you will enjoy seeing her work. I am pleased to introduce her to you.
Mary Holdgrafer.

Artist's statement:
My fondest early childhood memories centre around crayons, water colour, fabric and silk threads and quiet afternoons spent with my maternal grandmother drawing, painting and stitching. To this day I find great comfort in retreating to my studio to manipulate fabrics and explore new techniques from which new ideas and creations evolve. I continue to work in mixed media with a primary focus on textiles. I am passionate about combining the unexpected with the conventional, as well as manmade and natural materials. My goal is to bring an element of surprise into each piece to repeatedly capture the viewers attention. I strive to incorporate multiple layers of fabric and stitch to encourage further investigation of my work. The result is three dimensional wall quilts.

I take inspiration from my environment, historical research and current events. I continue to capture this inspiration in various forms, such as sketching, photographs and lists of descriptive words. Eventually this information is translated into fabrics and threads creating smaller samples before embarking on the final piece. I work with my own hand-dyed fabrics and threads. Whenever possible I incorporate common hardware store finds, such as nuts, bolts, washers and copper and steel pipe.

My current body of work has evolved from early studies during my City and Guilds education and ongoing research of twentieth century artists and architects Gustav Klimt, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Antoni Gaudi, as well as my own environment in Western Canada, my home of choice for over 25 years. Recently I ventured into combining the traditional canvas and layering papers, fabrics and paints which have a strong graphic quality.

A N N A   H E R G E R T   2 0 0 5

Wildfire - 2003

see "Wildfire"

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Size: 36" x 32"
Hand-dyed cottons, polyester sheer, acrylic paint, cotton and rayon threads, glass beads, copper pipe, hand and machine embellishment.

"The inspiration for this small wallhanging originates with the hand-dyed fabrics I created and the fact that my good friends fell victim to the wildfires of 2003. I let my emotions guide me in the creation of the piece and was able to regain hope for the many families affected by the devastating fires of the Crowsnest Pass during the summer of 2003".

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Windows of Opportunity - 2004

see "Windows of Opportunity"

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Size: 42" x 61"
Cotton, polyester sheer, Timtex, machine pieced and appliquéd, machine quilted, copper wire and Lucite rod.

"I have lived in Calgary since 1980 and to this day I love the skyline of the city. The windows of the high rises have always fascinated me as these office buildings represent great power and wealth. Over the years I have captured many images of these windows in photography. This wall hanging marries my imagination and humour with reality".

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Communication - Moving Right Along 2005

see "Communication - Moving Right Along"

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Size: 17" x 21"
Mixed media, hand stitched.

"Computers and subsequently the internet play such an important role in our lives today. For years I resisted becoming computer literate and finally succumbed to the computer age... A recent series of canvases were inspired by imagery of motherboards with this one featuring communication".

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Visit Anna Hergert's website at:

See more of Anna's pieces in the "All About Alberta" virtual exhibition which was held this year at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery,
10186-106 St. Edmonton, AB T5J 1H4

From July 20th until September 18th, 2005, Anna will exhibit "Flying Solo" - An exploration in Textile Art. http://www.laconnerquilts.com/upcomingshows.php

On September 23rd and 24th this year, Anna will be holding two workshops at the La Conner Quilt Museum, 703 S. 2nd Street, PO Box 1270 La Conner, WA 98257. Her workshops are titled Indigo Dyeing and Elements That Sing. Read more on the Museum's website Quilt Festival page: http://www.laconnerquilts.com/qfworkshops.php

Read Anna's letter of 2000 on the Embroiderer's Guild website,
about how she got into embroidery:

See Anna's piece "Flying Solo" on the Focus On Fibre Arts website:

Contact Anna Hergert Design & Fibre Arts -
Mailing address: 226 Hidden Hills Place
N. W. Calgary, Alberta. CANADA T3A 6E2
phone: (403) 230 - 3087

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