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Art and Craft
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We enjoy including wonderful quotations throughout the site. We know that many
of you love to ponder on them further, so we're placing them all here on these pages,
and will add the new ones each month. Choose a group to read related quotes:




  Christian Barr   "Art can't deny craft, but refuses to acknowledge it. In the end they are still brothers."
  Carol Jane Campbell   "I arrived in Grade1 for art class (not craft class) and made art. I have made art ever since, some good,     some bad, some not even worth talking about."
  Dawn Detarando   "I don't see craft as something you make, but rather something you need to achieve good art."
  Marlene Fitzgerald-Moore   "The line between a decorative object and a work of art is a matter of critical judgement."
  Gordon Galenza   "What's all the fuss . . ."
  Wayne MacKensie   "Art VS craft - eye candy VS hand and eye candy with purpose."
  Ralph Reichenbach &
Doug Madill
  "Art strives to express; craft strives for excellence. Good art has good craft, good craft is artistic.
  Within every craft there exists artists. Within every artist there is craft."
  Bob Rippon   "The 'magic' that makes art, happens when skill and inspiration are joined by an elusive and
  unpredictable quality beyond the potter's ken."
  Judy Villett   "For me, the best work is passionate, fresh, well designed and well executed - the perfect balance
  of art and craft."
  Jean Weller   "The best answer I have seen was given by Harlan House, a potter in Ontario. He said, Craft is
  what I do all day, art is what I have at the end of it."
  Bruno Munari   "A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense."
  Millard Sheets   "Good design is a great combination of common sense, unusual imagination, clarity of purpose, aesthetic insight and a deep reverence for the love of life."
  Lindsay Blackett   "As a country, it is always good to show you appreciate culture and are committed to its investment and sustainability. "
  Margaret Atwood   "Ordinary people" pack into the cheap seats at concerts and fill theatres where operas are brought to them live. The total attendance for "the arts" in Canada in fact exceeds that for sports events."




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